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Raggio is a location of Alta Val Marecchia, placed at about 800 metri over sea level, between Romagna, Toscana and Marche, near road of Dante, road that takes the names from the Poet wich take inspiration from theese places to write a Divina Commedia chant.

Wild nature of theese places makes possible to see roe deers (Capreolus capreolus), wild boars, poiane (Buteo buteo), hares, foxes (Vulpes vulpes), hedgehogs (Histrix cristata), badgers (Meles meles)...., in summation to a moltitude of plants with wonderful blooms: the giglio martagone (Lilio martagon), some species of orchids (Orchis sp.pl), wild carnations (Dianthu carthusianorum) and wood'strawberries (Fragaria vesca). Woods of theese places are acero montano(Acer campestre), white carpino (Carpinus betulus), la roverella (Quercus ubescens), the cerro (Quercus cerris) and il nocciolo (Corylus avellana). For the bushes: il ginepro (Juniperus comunis), wild rose (Rosa canina) and the ginestra (Sparium Junceum)

The stone-made houses of Raggio, beautifully restored, are an ideal place to enjoy the beauties of this land, spending some days in complete relax.

Sport lovers can do excursions with horses, in mountain bike or by foot and use ski complex of Monte Fumaiolo , easy to reach.

There are also some place of relevant historic interess near Raggio: S. Agata Pennabilli, Petrella Guidi, Casteldelci, Talamello, S.Leo, S.Marino.

There are numerous local and national events, for example the National exhibition of valuable white truffle in october, The town of christmas in december and letterary prize of Pungitopo in S. Agata and the national exposition-market of antiquities, in july in Pennabilli.

Then we have to mention the local foods with truffle, mushrooms, prugnoli and homemade pasta, to enjoy at Il Palazzo, a restaurant near the Bed and Breakfast.